Meet Hana Dunham


Hana is a Robbins-Madanes Certified Relationship Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), based in Connecticut. Over the past 20 years, she has been a support to many who have experienced the pain and heartbreak of relationship loss. Her personal and professional experiences have inspired her to help others.

As a holistic relationship coach, Hana introduces clients to holistic strategies such as mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), meditation, and more. In a non-judgmental and emotionally supportive space, clients learn new communication skills to safely express their unfulfilled needs and concerns, gain insight, and transform stress and reactivity to inner peace.

Reclaim your relationship with yourself and feel empowered to create the life and love that you desire.

Hana’s Mission

Hana works with clients remotely. Together you’ll create a clear vision of the life and love you want and map out the action steps specifically for you.

You are amazing. And your story isn’t over. Whether you are navigating a relationship with someone else, or transforming personal experiences of loss to peace, Hana provides space for you to chart your journey.

Whether you are exploring a relationship with a partner or family member or coming back to your relationship with yourself, Hana holds space for you to identify and release past losses, and become mindful in the present, in order to create your desired future.


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