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Take the journey from loss to inner peace and self-love.

Any trauma to the heart impacts a person’s spirit, causing challenges which mask the true potential of living a more heart-centered, balanced and joyful life.

We all seek connection through relationships for a sense of belonging. Yet, we often find ourselves feeling isolated, alone and disconnected.

In our search, we often overlook the most important relationship- the one we have with ourselves. It begins with discovering your inner voice as a path to self-love. If you are divorced, struggling within your relationship, or wanting to heal your relationship, it’s time to put your oxygen mask on first. You can reclaim yourself and re-write your story.

Meet Hana Dunham

Hana is a Robbins-Madanes Certified Relationship Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), based in Connecticut. Over the past 20 years, she has been a support to many who have experienced the pain and heartbreak of relationship loss. Her personal and professional experiences have inspired her to help others.

As a holistic relationship coach, Hana introduces clients to holistic strategies such as mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), meditation, and more. In a non-judgmental and emotionally supportive space, clients learn new communication skills to safely express their unfulfilled needs and concerns, gain insight, and transform stress and reactivity to inner peace.

Reclaim your relationship with yourself and feel empowered to create the life and love you desire.

Hana works with clients remotely. Together you’ll create a clear vision of the life and love you want and map out the action steps specifically for you.

You are amazing. And your story isn’t over. Whether you are navigating a relationship with someone else, or transforming personal experiences of loss to peace, Hana provides space for you to chart your journey.

You Are Worthy of Love

Whether you are exploring a relationship with a partner or family member or coming back to your relationship with yourself, Hana holds space for you to identify and release past losses, and become mindful in the present, in order to create your desired future.

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Services Offered

Individual Coaching

If you are struggling with feelings of loss, isolation, and disconnection, together we will discover a path from chaos and confusion to clarity and calm. This transformation will empower you to reconnect with yourself and embrace your path to peace, self-love, and joy. 

Couples Coaching

Are you struggling with feelings of loss in your relationship? Is communication difficult, leaving you feeling frustrated, disconnected and lonely? Are you left wondering if positive changes will ever happen? Using our communication roadmap, and other approaches we will explore core issues and learn to safely express unmet needs and desires in order to resolve conflicts peacefully. Reconnect with your partner and yourself to discover your path to peace, joy, and love

Circle of Calm

Mindfulness Meditation: Your Path to Peace

Offering signature meditation programs, available for small groups and businesses.

The difficulties and losses of life can feel overwhelming in your work or personal world. Mindfulness Meditation practices are a gateway to transform experiences of loss and burnout. These practices guide us to focus on our breath, calm our nervous system, reduce stress and anchor us in the present moment.

With time, we become more productive, connect to SELF as our resource, and discover greater peace, self-love and joy.

To get started and see which package is best for you, schedule your complimentary consultation call with Hana so that you can begin your transformational journey.

From My Clients

“Hana has helped me navigate some of my more complex and traumatic relationship experiences, and through our conversations, she’s helped me restore the relationship I have with myself. She is able to create a safe space for me to hold my past experiences, future goals, and present feelings all together, while allowing me to process the patterns and emotions that surface. I look forward to my weekly chats, and I am continually surprised by how much I grow and heal each conversation. Hana has helped me realize and grieve the pieces of myself that got lost along the way, and has given me tools to fall in love with myself again."

– Sarah

“Working with Hana, my Life Coach has given me strength and momentum to build a relationship with myself that simply works, connecting my inner dots with lines of trust and awareness. This has brought me calmness, clarity, and confidence to build relationships with others and with the world around me. I will be forever grateful to Hana for this amazing journey.”

– Jane

“I've been so fortunate to have found Hana. Through many of life's past hurts and present challenges, she has helped me to see and release old patterns and develop new strategies to move forward. She has helped me to grow in confidence and have a better understanding of who I am now, not just who I once was. Her coaching is very insightful and personalized. I highly recommend!!"

– C.B.

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