Loss2LoveCoach Programs

Hana Dunham offers coaching for individuals, couples, and groups.

Divorced Women: From Surviving to Thriving

This coaching program is for divorced, separated or single ladies looking to create the life and love they desire

Together we will:
*  Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of happy ever after you’d like to have
*  Overcome trauma, anger, grief, and loss
*  Discover exciting tools to increase self-love and self-acceptance
*  Connect with your heart, and love yourself again
*  Become renewed, re-energized and inspired to call in the love of your life

Married and Wanting More

This relationship rescue coaching program is for individuals or couples who
want to reignite love in their relationship

Together we will:
*  Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of relationship you’d both like to have together
*  Overcome anger and old hurts which may be sabotaging your relationship
*  Learn exciting strategies to reconnect with yourself and your partner
*  Increase communication skills and reduce conflict
*  Discover how to connect with your heart, embrace the love you deserve and rewrite your forever love story.

Loss2Love: Discover your SHIFT

Any trauma to the heart impacts a person’s spirit, causing challenges which mask the true potential
of living a more heart-centered balanced and joyful life.

Together we will:
*  Identify and work through the emotions of grief – loss- anger related to your specific loss
*  Discover holistic strategies to support you in transforming the difficult emotions
into a new powerful, healing perspective
*  Discover exciting tools to increase self-love and self-acceptance
*  Become re-energized and inspired with a new sense of sacredness, purpose, and joy

On this healing journey we undertake together I encourage clients to connect with their innate strengths to achieve emotional healing and positive lasting change

The Communication Map: Keeping your love alive

Are you finding yourself struggling?

Through a non-judgmental and emotionally supportive space, couples will gain insights and
learn communication skills which will enhance and deepen their connection

Together we will:
*  Discover important strategies for keeping your love alive
*  Navigate life transitions, resolve conflicts and heal relationships

The awesome communication map will help couples to listen better, talk calmer and feel heard seen
and loved in a deeper and more meaningful way

Find Your Path to Love...

Discover your L.I.G.H.T. with these five steps.

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